| June 17th, 2021 |
SFC’s Sustainability Report

What makes African handcrafted products unique and more sustainable than buying industrialized raw goods?

Our first sustainability report says it all. In our 2019-2020 campaign, more than $200,000 USD was paid above market price to the shea nut collectors in Ghana for their shea nuts. More than $1,000,000 USD was paid to local communities for our products through a processing fee we are committed to paying. This enables women involved in our supply chain to make a livable wage much higher than minimum wage in their respective countries and empowers them to become sustainable businesses.

Boost your own corporate social responsibility (CSR) and be part of our story by investing in our communities and buying handcrafted shea, virgin coconut oil, African black soap and baobab oil from The Savannah Fruits Company.

Get in touch with our Sustainability Team at sofia@savannahfruits.com at if you’d like to connect and learn more how to get your project started.