The Savannah Fruits Company supports a number of key partners across the globe.

A Rocha Ghana (ARG) is an environmental NGO providing practical conservation interventions aimed at contributing to the sustainable management of important ecological habitats. It also initiates programmes aimed at facilitating target communites to adapt to current trends in climate change and the impacts of a changing natural environmental.

The Calgary Zoo commits to the conservation of endangered species, habitats and ecosystems both in Canada and around the world. It spearheaded the “Hippo Shea,” our organic initiative and is a major donor of the WCHS project.

The Global Shea Alliance promotes shea worldwide, establishes industry standards for quality and sustainable sourcing while facilitating advocacy and information exchange. The Savannah Fruits Company is a member of the alliance.

Noe, formally Man & Nature, is a not-for-profit organization that develops an innovative biodiversity conservation approach of threatened ecosystems. It also encourages economic development through the sustainable use and valorization of natural resources. SFC partners with Noe for the production of organic virgin coconut oil.

SNV Ghana develops and shares knowledge through its advisory services and expertise with local organisations with the goal of making them better equipped for their work in structural poverty alleviation. The partnership between SNV and the Savannah Fruits Company aims to ensure that business activities are performed in a socially responsible, transparent and pre-agreed manner.

Sofi Tucker is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering women, their families, and communities and supports SFC’s shea butter production.

WAPCA is a local Non-Government Organisation working in Ghana and the Ivory Coast to preserve and protect the endangered primates of West Africa through community empowerment, research, education and captive breeding.

The WHCS is a unique community-owned and managed large mammal sanctuary and eco-tourism destination in the Upper-West region in Ghana. The goal of the community sanctuary initiative is to link the benefits of nature protection with rural economic development leading to poverty reduction and sustainable conservation. The WHCS is the certified collection area for the organic shea initiative of the Savannah Fruits Company.

SFC works with the WOM (Widows and Orphan Movement) for the production of cold pressed Baobab oil in Northern Ghana. WOM is a NGO whose mission is to initiate and facilitate processes and programmes that empower widows and orphans economically, socially and spiritually.