| November 27th, 2022 |
SheaMoisture’s 2022 Impact Report

We are delighted to be highlighted in SheaMoisture’s first ever Impact Report and wanted to share with you. Hint hint – take a look at pages 14 and the spread on 24 & 25 highlighting the amazing work we do with partners like SheaMoisture to promote an ethical and organic supply chain in West Africa. Empowering not only black women in the US but worldwide. https://www.sheamoisture.com/impact-report-2022.html

We’d like to pay it forward and share with you the SheaMoisture Community Impact Grant for Small Business Entrepreneurs. This amazing opportunity for small businesses in the US allows businesses with a positive impact to thrive.

Did you know that to date, SheaMoisture has reinvested over $10 million in our communities through purpose-driven programs, partnerships and donations. For over, thirty years, SheaMoisture has not only created products that allow people of color to love their hair from the inside out, but they have been committed to serving the Black Community through their SheaMoisture fund and community give back.

To learn more about SheaMoisture’s mission to help close the $11 trillion racial wealthy gap, visit sheamoisture.com/impact. If you run a small business that has a positive impact on your community, apply today! Or nominate a business in your community that you think deserves this community impact opportunity. Applications are open until November 27th 11:59pm EST