| February 16, 2024 |
Building a More Equitable Shea Butter Supply Chain: SFC Participates in SCORE Gender Equality Training

At SFC, we’re committed to not only producing high-quality, sustainable shea butter, but also fostering a work environment that empowers everyone. That’s why we were thrilled to participate in a recent interactive 4-day SCORE Gender Equality training hosted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) as part of their SCORE Ghana program in February 2024. This training focused on gender equality in the shea butter sector, was part of the Productivity Ecosystems for Decent Work project, which aims to improve the shea supply chain. We had a fantastic team representing our HR, production, and sustainability departments attend the workshop.

The training was dynamic and engaging, and it allowed our team to collaborate with participants from other organizations and develop a concrete enterprise improvement plan to address gender equality within SFC. We’re excited to have a designated team in place to implement these improvements and ensure we’re creating a truly equitable workplace for all.

But the impact went beyond SFC’s walls. We were also delighted to see five of our organic shea butter processing cooperatives represented by their leadership at the workshop. This signifies a strong buy-in from our local supply chain partners to work together and create a more equitable future for the shea butter industry across northern Ghana.

We believe that gender equality is not just the right thing to do, but also a smart business decision. By creating a level playing field for everyone, we can unlock the full potential of our workforce and empower our communities. This training has equipped us with the knowledge and tools to make significant progress towards this goal, and we’re excited to see the positive impact it will have on SFC and the wider shea butter industry.


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