Mary Liao, a Conversation Partnership Specialist from Canada, visited Wechiau. Wechiau is located in the Upper West region of Ghana about an hour southwest of Wa, the nearest city.

She came to understand the state of affairs at Wechiau. She came to understand the progress of work in Wechiau on the Community Based Conservation Project sorrounding the Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary. Dr. Liao met with SFC staff to better understand the needs of the women’s group who work to produce handcrafted shea butter. Her visit was very helpful in that it resulted in the speedy delivery of protective gear for the women’s group since she was able to see firsthand the needs of the cooperative and convey those needs to the Calgary Zoo.

We’d like to thank the Weichau Community Hippo Sanctuary (WCHS) and the Calgary Zoo in helping making this trip a success. Looking forward to having Dr. Liao back again.